Friday, January 27, 2012

Not going in One Direction - Caroline Flack expected break up with Harry Styles

Caroline Flack wasn't expecting her love affair with Harry Styles to last.

Harry, 17, has confirmed that their split is by mutual agreement - and Caroline, 32, has always been realistic about the relationship, which started in October.

She received death threats and hate mail over their 15-year age gap, prompting her to ask Harry for space while she went to Goa at Christmas.

‘She confided that she doesn't think they'll last beyond the summer,' an insider revealed to Now last week.

'But she's just trying to enjoy herself. She does care deeply for him - he makes her laugh.'

It's claimed the One Direction star, 17, thought his romance with Caroline was getting too serious, but Harry insists this wasn't so.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock thinks Prince Harry is called Barry

Leigh-Anne Pinnock has no idea who Prince Harry is.

Since her X Factor win as one-quarter of Little Mix, Leigh-Anne has been hitting popular celebrity club Mahiki - a favourite with

Wills' little brother.

'We had our own VIP room section,' says Leigh-Anne, 19.

'We had like a bed in it and a shower, it was just crazy but I think it's the same room that Prince Barry or someone had, is it

Prince Barry?

'Who's the one that goes clubbing?'

Though Leigh-Anne's not familiar with the handsome Prince, she's more clued up about top US singers - like Rihanna, who performed

on last year's series of The X Factor.

'She walked past, did a double take and said, "Your hair is awesome",' Leigh-Anne tells The Mirror.

'I just froze. I couldn't believe she noticed me.'

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nicola McLean: Kerry Katona says she's broke but she lives in a mansion with a swimming pool

Nicola McLean has little sympathy for old pal Kerry Katona.

The glamour model was regularly snapped with Kerry last year, but she's admitted they only hung out together because they shared the same management at the time.

'She has a good heart but would she be my best friend? No,' says Nicola, 30.

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Nicola thinks Kerry, 31, has landed on her feet after getting seriously in debt, a drug battle and her stormy marriage to ex-husband Mark Croft, 40.

'People say, "Poor Kerry, she's bankrupt!" Hold on, poor Kerry is living in a mansion with a swimming pool!' says Nicola.

'That's more than I'm living in.

'She says she's got no money but she needs to go and speak to the homeless man on the corner.

'She is still doing magazine shoots in Lapland with her kids. She doesn't have a bad life.' 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Katy Perry and Russell Brand "Just Too Different," Friends Say

Katy Perry's divorce from Russell Brand wasn't due to a particular event or issue. The pair simply got married too fast and are too different, sources say.

They were infatuated with each other when they wed in October 2010, but had only been together about a year at that point, and things went south fast.

People close to the couple say Katy and Russell were head over heels for each other, fascinated to be with a great person who was an extreme opposite.

The problems came when the honeymoon phase wore off.

After they got married, they fought constantly, often in front of people at clubs and shows. They're both stubborn and strong-willed, making things worse.

Their busy schedules didn't help, as they never spent long periods of time with each other. In the end, despite their attraction, they were "just too different."

Brand, who filed for divorce Friday, is more of a homebody than Katy, 27, who loves going out partying. Russell, 36, has been sober for years and didn't enjoy the scene.

He would often voice his desire to stay in or leave places early, asking her to come with him, which would trigger arguments. So it went. Not a long-term match.

At the end of the day, neither hates the other, there's no bad blood, and not even a hint of impropriety on either part. Just a mutual parting of ways.

Sad, but something a lot of people, famous or not, can relate to.