Friday, January 6, 2012

Nicola McLean: Kerry Katona says she's broke but she lives in a mansion with a swimming pool

Nicola McLean has little sympathy for old pal Kerry Katona.

The glamour model was regularly snapped with Kerry last year, but she's admitted they only hung out together because they shared the same management at the time.

'She has a good heart but would she be my best friend? No,' says Nicola, 30.

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Nicola thinks Kerry, 31, has landed on her feet after getting seriously in debt, a drug battle and her stormy marriage to ex-husband Mark Croft, 40.

'People say, "Poor Kerry, she's bankrupt!" Hold on, poor Kerry is living in a mansion with a swimming pool!' says Nicola.

'That's more than I'm living in.

'She says she's got no money but she needs to go and speak to the homeless man on the corner.

'She is still doing magazine shoots in Lapland with her kids. She doesn't have a bad life.' 

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