Sunday, April 1, 2012

Katy Perry Rocks Slime Sports Bra at Kids' Choice Awards

Now that's one way to make a memorable fashion statement and avoid becoming one of the celebrities who got slimed ... what would the point be?

At least night's Kids' Choice Awards, Katy Perry showed off a few inches of her midriff in a neon green ensemble with matching peep toe heels ...

... and a sports bra-like top dripping in slime:

The award show, of course, is known for its orange carpet and time-honored tradition of dumping industrial-size quantities of green slime on some "lucky" winners.

Perry was among the Kids' Choice Award winners for her role in The Smurfs, but the only slime Katy wore was on her chest from the get-go, though.

Paired with her purple and blue ponytail and bubblegum lips, the pop superstar actually managed to make this absurd ensemble look cute. Not a small feat.


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