Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tre Holloway's ex tells pals: He'll hurt Cheryl Cole the way he hurt me

She looks happier than ever now that she's found love with new boyfriend Tre Holloway.

But Cheryl Cole, 29, might want to tread carefully because his ex has told pals that he 'will hurt her'.

A source close to dancer Tre, 26, who dated singer and dancer Milana May, 21, for six months after meeting Cheryl on The X Factor in October 2010, tells Now: 'Milana reckons he'll lead Cheryl on, just like he did with her.

'She thought what they had could've led to more, but then he ended it.

'He often dates women he's working with.

'He seduces them - he has a really intense listening approach they love, which Tre always says gets him far.

'He's not as innocent as he looks.


  1. She's probably just jealous.
    I'm happy for Cheryl and Tre seems to be making her happy.
    of course ex's will hate.. (well not all..)

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